Associate Professor A-J Collins is a consultant endocrine and breast surgeon with particular expertise in thyroid and parathyroid surgery. He has performed over 2500 thyroidectomies and parathyroid explorations.

A-J completed his undergraduate medical degree at Sydney University in 1989. The bulk of his residency and surgical training was carried out at Westmead Hospital in Sydney between 1990 and 2000. A-J also undertook post fellowship training in Breast and Thyroid and endocrine surgery at Westmead Hospital Sydney. He has worked as a consultant surgeon in both public hospital and private practice since 2001.

His most keen interest is that of thyroid and parathyroid surgery. He has had a heavy involvement in the landscape of African thyroid surgery and has acted as an international medical consultant for Mercy Ships, and now directs the Mercy Ships thyroid clinic. He has gained extensive experience and has particular interest in the management of massive goitre and also the pre-operative and surgical management of severe and uncontrolled Graves’ disease.

The second main arm and clinical interest relates to all aspects of Breast Oncology Surgery. Professor A-J has an extensive experience in the field of Oncoplastic Breast Surgery including breast reconstruction and breast reduction techniques. He has worked as a VMO Surgeon consultant with ACT Breast Screen since 2004 and has a busy practice in breast oncology.

A-J has also been involved with the Australian National University Medical School since its inception in 2004 and was appointed to the position of Associate Professor of Surgery in the clinical school in 2014. He has also been a supervisor of surgical training on the NSW Board of General Surgery between 2007 and 2017.

His research interests include the causation of massive goitre in Africa, management of thyroid disease in West Africa and is he also involved in the ACT / South Eastern NSW Breast Cancer Treatment project.

Assoc Professor A-J Collins consults and operates in Canberra at the National Capital Private Hospital in Garran, ACT. He also consults and operates from the new South East Regional Hospital on the outskirts of Bega, NSW where he is the Director of Surgery.

  • Dear AJ,

    Thank you.

    I know I will be seeing you for ongoing review but now seemed an appropriate time to say thank you.

    I really appreciate the calm, compassionate care you’ve given me. From my first appointment I felt very confident that you were the right surgeon for me - and I was correct.

    Thank you again.


  • Dear Dr Collins,

    Our heartfelt thank you for your kindness, assistance and professional approach you have shown our dearest mum during her difficult times over the past several weeks.

    We are so very grateful for all your effort and wish you every success in your future medical endeavours.

    Thank you and best wishes.

    NT and family

  • Dear Dr Collins,

    Thank you for your patience, kindness and care of me over the past few weeks. I have felt constantly safe in your skilful hands and trust you will guide me positively in what lies ahead.

    Yours in gratitude.

    April 2018

  • Dr Collins,

    Before saying that you are an extraordinary doctor, I want to tell you that you are an extraordinary human being. You are a real lifesaver. I may have talked to God in my prayers and I have experienced favours, empathy and kindness from your services.

    You are an extraordinary doctor and humble surgeon. You have made a great impact in my life including my family at a time when we desperately needed it. You have restored our faith in humanity. Your quiet confidence and compassion has changed our lives and will be spoken about for years to come.

    With thanks,

    G and family

  • Dear Dr Collins and team,

    Thank you for your amazing work for our family this year for the kind and reassuring way you do it.

    We will be forever grateful.

    The K Family

  • Dear AJ,

    A somewhat overdue note to say thank you, officially for absolutely everything.

    There are simply no words to describe properly how much you have done to make my journey easier in all ways this year.

    I will be eternally grateful, not just for the exceptional standard of professional care, but for all that went with it.

    Your helpfulness, reassurance, compassion, understanding and caring are all unparalleled. I am just so blessed to have found you - and with the path you sent me down for my treatment.

    Best wishes,


  • To Professor Collins & Staff, Thank you for your excellent care.

    Thanks also to Deborah who efficiency and kind attitude made it a pleasure to wait in the waiting room.

    Fond regards,


  • Dear Dr Collins,

    Thank you for the excellent care of M.

    We had all felt concern how M would manage being in hospital and having an operation.

    Our worry was unfounded due the care and understanding which was shown.

    Thank you for a good outcome for M.

    Best wishes,

    N & G


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